Azul Fives Mexico

Jen and Rich at Azul Fives in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Watch the slide show or scroll the images. Thank you so much for making me a part of your destination wedding at Azul 5’s Beach Resort. It was truly amazing to be a part of your week and continue to get to know this amazing group of people.

Kinds next to the pool in Mexico Azul 5s resort family first time in the ocean destination wedding groom getting a shave groom getting his hair done for the wedding bridesmaids on the balcony at azul fives resort wedding party at azul fives resort amazing destination wedding photo in front of a waterfall rooftop wedding at azul fives

Why a destination wedding?

Lots of people ask me this question. What do you think of destination weddings? Is it a cheaper option for the family? Does it cause less or more stress? In a simple answer I love Destination weddings. They are an opportunity to bring your whole family and friend group together for a week. You get so much more than just one day. One downfall is the physical cost to the guest to be a apart of the wedding. You are asking friends and family to basically pay to be a part of your day. Not everyone is ok with this fact or can they afford to take a vacation. So plan far a head to give people enough notice and don’t be offended if they can make it. Here are some great links to more information on destination ideas.

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