Should I hire a videographer for my wedding?

Should I Hire Videographer for my Wedding

This question can come with a lot of miss information. Many people will be deterred by the simple cost of adding another vendor to the wedding. So should you hire a wedding videographer, yes. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have all these people together under one roof. This will never happen again. Do you need hours of footage with creative editing, no you don’t.

You want to prioritize the words that people are saying about you and the words you and your partner are saying to one another. When you family grows and the years pass by you want to be able to look back on the toasts and cheer you all had together. Videographers can come in a wide range of creativity and pricing. Your main focus should be sound quality. You want them to capture all the words. Second can be creativity. Please contact me for a list of highly recommended Calgary Wedding Videographers.

For now here is my number one recommendation and who I hired for my own wedding as a wedding photographer –