Pancakes and Pregnancy

Calgary Maternity photos! Having a lifestyle session in your own home can create comfort and long lasting memories. Lifestyle sessions are my favourite ones to capture. They show a true side to your life and you as a couple or family. These type of images will last forever as they are where you are at in life at this moment. Our lives and locations will constantly change as we evolve. Capturing where you are in this moment is so important and will tell a story forever. 

Tips for Lifestyle Photos

First and foremost it is not about posing. You don’t want to be grinning at the camera all day. It won’t seem natural. It is important to be aware of the location of the camera but not play to it. Next is to prep the room and anything you need before hand. You don’t want to spend time do tiny things that take you out of the room or distract from the goal. 

Being comfortable and aware of the surroundings will build a comfortable scene for everyone. Make it your home but a great version of your home. Don’t style everything but having some details in your home that show who you are is very important.  Allow for moments to happen and unfold around you. 

Think of activities you like to do together. Having a familiar activity can relax your group and allow for more natural photos. Don’t do something for the first time! Or maybe do as the struggle can be great for moments between you.

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Thank you for viewing Calgary lifestyle photos and Cole Hofstra Photography. Working as a local Calgary photographer allows me to connect with my community and build lasting relationship to work together over time. Here are some great tips for Creating and being Candid in Lifestyle photography. Here is more photos of lifestyle images from Calgary family photography