You want to wear what you know. What is your favourite outfit? You want to be comfortable and also look great. Many people suggest getting your make up trial the same day as your engagement photos… This depends how well you know the artist doing the session and if they have any experience working with you in the past. Couples and Engagement sessions are a different level of photography and you want to really look like yourself and having make up or hair done for the first time may make you feel not like yourself. 

You want to plan outfits based on location, time of day, and season. The reason for this is colours make you pop as a couples. You look silly if you’re dressed for the wrong season.  Lighting can be very complimentary at different times of day. 

Location plays into clothing as you want to suit your environment and the colours in that area. They city can be full of grey and black tones of architecture. So avoid those colours and wear brighter garments that draw the views to you. Nature is always changing, but browns and green are often a bad idea as you will blend and look blended with your back drop. Red is almost always a good idea!!!

Sunrise and sunset are amazing times for photographs. They haves of warm light that makes everyone look great. This also allows for less people around or interrupting your back drops. For more ideas on what to wear click here

couple kissing in the mountains