Water Valley

Welcome to my first wedding from Water Valley  and Water Valley Church.  I was honoured when asked to capture this intimate twenty person wedding.  The couple had beautiful outfits and wanted the time spent on the wedding day to be focused on great photos and family time.  After the ceremony we went on an adventure with just the three of us, exploring the Water Valley forest all around us.  Enjoy these stunning images and please feel free to look up more from my small town weddings.  https://colehofstra.com/woodland-and-wildflower-wedding/

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History on the Water Valley Church

  • By the 1930’s there was a store, school and a post office which was officially then named the town of Water Valley. The people of the area met and decided to build a church. The site was donated by Howard Gazeley.  Conrad Rivard, a carpenter from Carstairs, was engaged to do the building with the help of volunteer labor. The church was constructed with a square tower on the south side which terminated in a dome surmounted by a white cross. Four Gothic type windows were placed on sides, and two on the end – one on either side of the tower. The bubble type glass is translucent, admitting light yet eliminating glare. Mr. Guy Gazeley built the pews. Each family paid $7.00 for its pew thus defraying the cost of construction. Mr. Haley donated the red rug that was in the sanctuary. The original altar, which was painted white and trimmed with gold, was built by Conrad Rivard. This was covered by a fine alter linen trimmed with lace crocheted in a religious motif by Mrs. Gazeley. This altar was in use for many years but was later replaced by a more modern altar given by St. Mary’s Church in Cochrane. The original altar was relegated to the sacristy. To add to the seating capacity of the church, a balcony was built at the rear of the building. This balcony provided extra room to be used for weddings, funerals or other special occasions. On one pew that was in the balcony, was a cross carved by Mr. Gazeley. On the walls were illustrations of the fourteen stations of the Cross. Each was in a beautiful hand-carved frame. These and the statues that stood in the niches above the altar were both donated by the Church in Carstairs.

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Capturing Small Town and Big Dream

I come from a small area out side of Leduc Alberta .  Working with Albertans and small town weddings is a part of my past and I love building it into my future and my business.  No matter where your wedding is held it should have a part of who you are built into it. Please enjoy my work and don’t  hesitate to ask any questions about past posts and locations.  https://colehofstra.com/calgary-wedding-photography/