Questions To Ask Your Photographer

Where do I start? Im finding so many options online for photographers how do I find out who is the right fit? Well start asking questions! Here are some great questions to start asking your photographer team to find out if they fit your dream day. 

1. Is my date available? 

This is so important as it can halt the the rest of the questions and make them unnecessary. 

2. What kind of style do you photograph weddings with or how would you describe your style?

Asking about style starts to align your values for the wedding date. Do you have the same goals? Do you agree with what the most important parts of the day are? You wouldn’t want a photographer who doesn’t work with flash is you are getting married inside at a dark venue. 

3. Are you insured and licensed to work in the area I’m hosting my wedding?

SO SO SO important. Your vendors need to be insured and licensed to work in the area your wedding is being held. You don’t want to have any interruptions based inventors explaining them selves to the venue or park rangers. Insurance means they are covered to work with in the venue. Many venues require that vendors have their own insurance to cover them selves and actions within the building. 

5. Do you work with a contract? 

You want to make sure that services are outlined and you’re committed to one another for the designated date. You also want to make sure you are covered incase of incidentals.

6. What is your back up plan? 

Every vendor needs a back up plan. Wether it be equipment or coverage. We all know life happens but we need to be covered in that case of the unexpected. 

7. How many weddings do you capture in a weekend?

You want your vendors to be available to you in case there are last minute changes .

8. Do you edit your own work or outsource it? 

Why is this important, it might not be to you. Do you want the creator of the images being the one doing the adjustments? Completely your call. 

9. What do you wear to the wedding?

You want your vendors to blend and fit in the theme or style of the wedding. Nothing is more distracting than an over or under dressed vendor or guest. 

10. Are you wedding packages adjustable? What do they include?

You want to know what you are ultimately receiving as a finished product or on the date of service. Does it include an album, prints or other products?

11. Will you be my photographer or will it be another employee of your studio?

You want to know who you are hiring and who will be spending the day with you. Does the work shown on the website represent who is capturing your day. 

12. Do I need a second photographer? 

No, but yes. Most photographers are perfectly capable of capturing the day as a solo act. The only complication can be distance between the couples getting ready location. This can be also worked out between scattered start times. More photographers can me more images but not better ones. 

13. Are my images included in the package? 

Do you have to buy a download package after the wedding? Does it come with a print release? You want to know you are able to print and access your images after the delivered package.  Most Calgary photographers include images in JPEG form with the packages. 

14. Should we do engagement photos?

Engagements are a great opportunity to gain comfort in front of the camera. You can build a stronger relationship with your photographer and get more comfortable with posing techniques.

15. Do you have other vendors you recommend?

Everyone has people they love working with. Having teams that know how each other operates can provide more flow to the day. 

16. How much does a photographer cost? 

This can range greatly depending on experience and the package you are purchasing. Talk to your photographer for break down details.

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