Edmonton engagement photography

Terwillegar Park Engagement

Getting engaged is such an exciting time in life! This Terwillegar Park engagement at sunset in Edmonton is a prime example of that excitement. Planning the timing and location of your engagement session should be a conversation with your photographer. What type of light do you like as a couple? Do you spend time in […]

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Kananaskis Engagement locations

Kananaskis Engagement Locations

Kananaskis engagement locations can be amazing and full of stunning views. Some take planning and time to get too but they are all worth it. Working with skilled photographers with a knowledge of the area can help   create amazing photographs and keep everyone safe. Kananaskis is full of avalanche hazard and will you can

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Lake Moraine Engagement Photos

Lake Moraine Engagement Photos

Lake Moraine Engagement Photos are an amazing addition to any trip! When traveling to Banff Canada you want to plan your Moraine Lake engagement session early! Lake moraine is one of the best and most popular engagement and proposal locations. The stunning and reflective blue water make for a perfect backdrop for engagement sessions. Here

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Engagement Photos at Elbow Falls in Bragg creek

Winter Engagement Elbow Falls

Amazing sunrise and beautiful snow! Winter engagement at Elbow Falls makes for an amazing location. There are so many reasons to choose Elbow Falls as the perfect spot for en engagement session. For these two it was because of spending so much time in the area as a couple. The frequently picnic and enjoy the

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Moraine Lake Engagement Photos

Moraine Lake Engagement Photos

Moraine Lake engagement photos, what an amazing location! Lake Moraine is the perfect location for engagement photography. The crystal blue water surrounded by mountain peaks creates the most stunning back drop in the world. With great beauty can come competition for locations. The small parking lot can quickly become overrun and they often shut down

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mountain engagement photographer - Mountain engagement - Canmore engagement - Canmore photographer

Mountain Engagement

The mountains are full of adventure so lets go have one of our own!  With so much landscape and terrain its easy to pick and choose locations that may seem popular.  With years of experience shooting around the Canmore and Kananaskis areas I have found many off the main road locations.  Your engagement and wedding

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smoky mountain engagement photos silhouette

Smoky Mountain Engagement Photos

Smoky mountain engagement photos! The mountains are ever-changing. They can go from rain to snow to smokey all in the week. Are you worried about smokey mountain engagement photos? Don’t be! The smoke in the mountains can add a very unique element to your engagement session. So many people venture out into the mountains looking

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canmore engagement photography - canmore - mountain engagements

Canmore Engagement

Winter can be chilly and keep most of us snuggled indoors! Why not get out and have a Canmore Engagement session surounded by the mountains and snow!  Pets are a huge part of many of our lives why not make them a part of your engagement session.  I encourage all couples to bring the family

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