Couple wedding photographers?

Do you need a couple wedding photographers for your big day? The simple answer is what is your budget? Ultimately no you do not NEED a couple who work together often to be your wedding photographers. I personally am a solo photographer for nighty percent of the weddings I capture. I have personally captured over four hundred weddings and three hundred and fifty of those have been solo. 

Having two photographers can help with getting ready images as most people can’t be in two places at once. I offer to help build a timeline that works for everyone and get both partners the coverage they need. A couple wedding photographer also creates a dynamic that allows them to have a flow to the day. I personally have a handful of second photographers and we work together often. This allows us to build that same dynamic. 

Budget is the main breakdown for having a couple wedding photographer. As a solo photographer I often have a smaller impact on the overall budget as you the wedding couple is paying for one person and one set of expenses. 

Break down your budget!

Make a break down of your budget and see if you have the ability to have a second photographer to capture more of your day. Also consider what type of personality you have. Do you want to creatives in your wedding day space for 10-12 hours? Only you can decide what is important and not the blogs or reviews. Contact a variety of photographers and see what works best for your wedding day! 

ALL of the following images have been taken by a solo photographer.